Reading Rundown: March

Only nineteen books tackled last month (I guess I’ve been slacking) and not an adult book in sight, right after my pledge to read more adult *insert ashamed face here*. I feel the YA I have read towards the end of this month has really dragged me down in terms of my mood and attitude towards the world. There is all this awful stuff going on right now and I feel so helpless. What does everyone else do to combat the unrelenting negativity in life? Swing any ideas to boost morale my way!

Clare & her Captain

A really sweet story but, really Morpurgo?!? Did you have to kill the lovable animal off AGAIN? I kind of expected it anyway but was really, really hoping that he wouldn;t do it in this book.

The Secret Horses of Briar Hill

A beautifully illustrated


How To Stage A Catastrophe

The Everything Machine Fantastic idea and it’s Ally Kennen so what’s not to love? BUT be warned, there are willy references very early on so not suitable as a purchase for schools.


The Apple Tart of Hope

The Ones That Disappeared

A Dangerous Crossing

Following Ophelia

Zeustian Logic

Running on The Roof of the World

I See London, I See France

Midnight Sun



Becoming Betty

The Moonlight Dreamers

Tell It to the Moon

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe



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