Top Ten Authors Who Can Pop Round My House Any Time They Like


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Everyone who knows me knows that when I like an author I fangirl like crazy and become a tad obsessive. So, it will come as no surprise to the below VIP’s that I would love to meet/chat/party/dine/have any RL interaction with them. Although, saying that, if I do ever get to meet any of them I bet the anxiety would kick in and I’d have a complete and utter brain meltdown.

  1. Non Pratt – I’ve been obsessed with Non (that sounds stalker-ish already) since I read the manuscript for Trouble back in late 2013. Hilarious and full of wise words, Non would be the perfect first author for me to properly meet as I know I’d feel comfortable to be myself.
  2. Sarah J. Maas – AKA the Queen of YA fantasy. Anyone who has such an epic imagination and can create the best series of all time is, of course, welcome to my house anytime. Plus, it would be hilarious to discuss some of those sex scenes ^_^ Maybe I might meet her at a book signing in the near future?
  3. S.F Said – Passionate, knowledgeable and a hell of a writer, S.F Said is sure to share the best writing tips and advice over a cuppa.
  4. Jeff Zentner – I want to meet Jeff because surely anyone who can manipulate my emotions like that has some kind of magical power?
  5. Angie Thomas – This wish might even come true as I am off to the UK launch party next Friday. I’d love to hear about more about her life and what pushed her to write T.H.U.G
  6. Margaret Atwood – This lady is one of the main reasons for my love of literature and why I chose to study English Lit at university. To meet her would be out of this world amazing but as she is one busy lady I doubt it’s ever going to happen.
  8. Jane Austen – No one said we couldn’t include dead authors, did they? I think the reasons for this choice are obvious. I’d be asking 1001 questions about her and her life and her work and her loves and her hates. Fill me with your knowledge and wit Jane, so I can become half the lady you once were.
  9. J.K Rowling – An obvious choice but I would love the chance to thank her for Harry Potter. It has literally changed people’s lives and has shown that the power of imagination is limitless.
  10. Stephanie Meyer – Twilight was my guilty teen obsession and I do mean obsession. I must have read each of them 6+ times, it was all I could talk with friends about (I got them hooked obvs.) and I dreamt of Edward nearly every night. I’d find myself sighing despairingly asking myself ‘Why can’t I be a vampire?’. So, I’d love for Steph to pop by but I’m pretty sure she may have gotten tired of talking about the sparkly vampires by now…

This is not a complete list obviously and, TBH, I pretty much would love to meet any author of any book that I have read. YOU GUYS ARE ALL HEROES! Thank you for constantly feeding my fiction addiction.


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Authors Who Can Pop Round My House Any Time They Like

  1. JK Rowling was on my list, too, as well as a bunch of others I’ve seen today! I’m just so amazed by her and this world she created. I used to see the Harry Potter books as just for kids, but after I read them, I realized they’re more than that and I can see myself reading them for years to come!

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