Blogging Goals 2017


  1. To blog at least four times a month. I know this would be ridiculously easy for most bloggers but with working full time and all the reading I must do, plus having a horse, it leaves me with hardly any time to write. I’m determined this year to blog slightly more frequently to polish up my writing skills, then who knows…. I might even start that novel I’ve been thinking about!



  2. To interact more with other bloggers. I’ve followed a lot more blogs recently and some of the posts are awe-inspiring which I really should be telling the bloggers themselves rather than just thinking it.

  3. To take GOOD book photography. I have been trying hard at this one already but I still can’t get it right! I only have a (smashed) iPhone which I find hard to work with and have hardly any props. Any tips on this area please do share!

  4. To update old posts. I need to revisit and edit some of my previous posts as my writing style has changed quite a lot over the last 10 months. I’m sure this will make me cringe but we all have to start somewhere, right?

  5. To promote my blog more equalling in more hits and follows. Promotion is not something I am great at so I need to work on this area. Some posts I feel get lost in the void which can make me feel rather pants so I’m going to try and tweet and all that social media jazz to get the In Need of a Read name out there. Joining a tweeting app will be a part of this goal and in terms of numbers I’m going to keep the numbers achievable – 200 visits a month, 50 followers by the end of the year.

  6. To learn HTML. The blog is looking beaut right now thanks to Dorkface for creating my new logo. I do want to learn how to code some basic bits and bobs so I can keep the site a bit tidier.
  7.   To read more Classics. I have adored some of the classics I have read, yet totally abhorred others. I’m determined to get through a few more this year and have gone with the nice round number of ten to read in 2017.

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