Four Barrington Stoke YA Titles You Absolutely Must Read

With lots of exciting debuts and releases happening in 2017, I wanted to kick off the year by taking a look at the YA fiction coming from one of my favourite publishers. Barrington Stoke has a main focus of getting reluctant and struggling readers reading – their books are published on cream paper and they use a dyslexia friendly font but, ultimately, they provide beautifully written stories by some of the best names in children’s fiction.

Since the release of Non Pratt’s Unboxed in 2016, Barrington Stoke have become much more known in the YA world. The start of ‘The Bucket List’, an imprint dedicated to giving a voice to the voiceless, also holds promise of more exciting things to come. With this being said, let’s continue to show our support and love for these passionate folk and make sure you check out their future releases.

The Pavee & the Buffer Girlpavee

The first story from critically-acclaimed author Siobhan Dowd has been adapted into a stunning graphic novel published by The Bucket List.  It tackles prejudice against Travellers in a frank and honest way, as well as celebrates the joys of friendship and the hope that they bring. The evocative illustrations by Emma Shoard adds atmospheric detail to a hugely important and very relevant story. Lyrical and striking, this book will make an impact no matter the reader.

The Pavee and the Buffer Girl | 978191137048 | March 2017 | 

Mind the Gap

mind-the-gapMind the Gap tackles themes of love, grief and friendship so be prepared for all the feels in this little beauty. Earle’s immersive writing evokes a deep empathy for Mikey and his grief is so palpable and real throughout it’s hard not be caught up in it. This, combined with the tenderness and love of his best-friend and a powerful ending, makes for one extraordinary read indeed.

Mind The Gap | 97817188125892 | January 2017

The Liar’s Handbookliars

Inspired by real life events, this book looks at undercover police officers and the devastation they can inflict on whole families. The Liar’s Handbook is filled with tension from the very beginning and good luck with working out the truth from deceit! This is a memorable story with a heart-pounding conclusion – make sure you get your hands on this one.

The Liar’s Handbook | 9781781126806 | January 2017

passing-for-whitePassing for White

This is a haunting yet hopeful tale ,set in the deep south circa 1847, based on the true story of William and Ellen Craft. I read this soon after The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and drew so many parallels despite the fact they are set over a hundred years apart. I learnt some facts about the beginnings of the abolition of slavery which genuinely interested me as I haven’t encountered many stories, if any, on this period of history. Harrowing in places and still chillingly relevant, this is an absolute must read for all YA fans.

Passing for White | 9781781176813 | May 2017

If you are lucky enough to have read any of these fab titles please do share your thoughts, I would love to hear from you.


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