Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Guarantee A Good Laugh

Another Top Ten Tuesday from The Broke and the Bookish. I’m going to be truthful and admit I don’t read enough funny fiction, hence why I haven’t managed to fill all the spaces this week. I love real life books/fantasy/dystopia which tend to lack a great sense of humour. I’m always interested in reading more though, so if you have any recommendations let me know.

The Bad Guys: Episode #1 and #2

Meet Mr Wolf, Mr Shark, Mr Snake, Mr Piranha, who on first glance look like the typical bad guy characters but Wolf is determined to put them on the straight and narrow. These guys are my favourite group of characters ever. They all have individual personalities that shine through in the comical text and illustrations. It’s a quick read perfect for any reluctant reader in primary school and any adult who enjoys a good giggle! I can’t wait to get my hand on Episode 3 for more funny antics.


Jonny Jakes and the Hamburger of Doom

Johnny Jakes is a fantastic choice for 9-11 year olds. It has all the ingredients that guarantee an entertaining read including witty humour, a love-to-hate bad guy, a brilliant (albeit slightly annoying) hero and all told in a diary style format with illustrations.



To Wee or Not to Weetowee

Pamela Butchart has made a name for herself as an amazing comedian that can capture all types of audiences, no matter the age. This is one of my favourites from her and was out at the beginning of the month. You may have guessed from the title it’s a collection of Shakespeare plays reimagined in a way never seen before. Classic Shakespearian moments are turned in to proper LOLs that will have the classroom in stitches.

faith 1

The Faith Series

I have mentioned this series in another Top Ten Tuesday but it HAD to be included in the funniest books I have read due to it being full to the brim of wit, sarcasm and hysterical awkward moments. Faith will have you experiencing anything from snorts of derision to full on laughter fits. Be prepared for strange looks if you are reading public!

Pig the Pug, Pig the Fibber & Pig the Winner

Pugs are everywhere right now but I think these picture books are the best representations of the breed out there. Yes, pugs are cute looking. Yes, they are so tiny you can put them in a handbag. Yes, they look lovable and cuddly etc… BUT they also have a bit of a dark side! Pig is definitely not as innocent as he looks. The story is told in delightful rhyming text and accompanied by comical illustrations. Every turn of the page had me sniggering and it’s honestly one of the most entertaining picture books I have ever read.

Girl Up

Girl Up tackles the very serious subject of feminism in an uproarious way. Be warned, it does take rude humour to another level; from funny responses to dick pics to 100 synonyms for Vagina. I rave about this book to anyone who will listen as not only is it a witty read but a great overall introduction to feminism that should be on every man and woman’s must-read list.


The Best Medicine

best medicineTold from the viewpoint of 13 year old Philip, this story has an important subject at its core that has most likely affected every single one of us at some point in our lives. Philip’s mother is diagnosed with breast cancer and his reactions are both touching and hilarious (he can barely say the word breast without a full on tomato face!). This book is not just about facing and overcoming cancer. It has a fantastic friendship at its centre, is filled with fun dialogue and awkward moments and contains a big dose of Harry Hill. Readers will be consistently creasing up and laughing out loud.





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