A Stunning Sequel: The Sleeping Prince by Melinda Salisbury


When I first read ‘The Sin Eater’s Daughter’ I became infatuated with it rather quickly. I loved the world building, the concept, the characters (apart from Lief, who I loved to hate – he was an utter douchebag) and I raved about it to anyone who would listen. The Sleeping Prince had a lot to live up to and thankfully it did not disappoint – in fact it surpassed my expectations!

The Sleeping Prince is not a direct sequel but runs alongside the first book with a new set of characters. The story goes that the prince was very powerful but did wicked things with his magic until someone was able to poison him, placing him in to a deep sleep for such a time that history became mere myth. Then someone makes the very stupid decision to wake him up and now he wants revenge. A lot of awful, bloody revenge.

I much prefer Errin as a heroine to Twylla. Errin is resilient from the very beginning. She looks after herself, does not rely on anyone and refuses to endanger her mother despite the threat of the approaching Sleeping Prince. Errin is not intimidated by any male, including the leering, creepy Unwin – a big contrast to the pushover Twylla who was quite annoying with her helplessness at times.

Silas really caught my attention in this book. He was enigmatic to begin so I was in two minds whether I liked him. But as the story progressed he showed kindness, bravery and compassion. I love a story with a bit of romance thrown in so, admittedly, I was delighted when there were sparks flying between him and Errin.

For anyone wondering whether to read the sequel: JUST GO FOR IT! There are a lot of twists and turns, a couple of surprises and a HUGE teaser of an epilogue. Now I’m agonizingly waiting for the final book in the trilogy as I know it is going to be phenomenal. Hopefully I’ll get my hands on it a bit quicker than I did this one!


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