The Girl of Ink & Stars

** Winner of the Waterstones Book Prize 2017 **

The Girl of Ink & Stars is a wonderfully crafted story that is sure to capture reader’s imaginations with its elegant prose and hypnotic charm. The deft interweaving of myths and magic gives it an atmosphere evocative of a fairy-tale, which is sure to absorb readers of all ages.


Isabella is a brave, young girl who willingly puts her own life on the line to save her friends and family. As a cartographer’s daughter, she is eager to navigate the unmapped parts of her beloved island and, in a twist of events, she finally gets the chance. Little does Isabella know, she is entering a part of her island that is filled with extraordinary terrors – the foul demon dogs, Tibicenas, who will give you the shivers and the legendary fire demon, Yote, who is capable of burning the island to ash. Isabella must use both her head and her heart to save everyone and everything that she holds dear.

There were a couple parts of the book where I would have loved the author to go into a bit more detail, for example the contents of Lupe’s letter from her father. I feel this would have allowed me to get a better insight into Governor Adori’s character as I ended up having mixed feelings about him – was he ultimately bad for what he did to the island of Joya or did he redeem himself in the end?

Although this isn’t really my ‘type’ of book, the lyrical language combined with the beautiful design pulled me in and won me over. The Girl of Ink & Stars is a memorable debut and is a perfect choice for anyone who delights in magical myths and gutsy female characters.


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