Girl Up

Girl UpThis book is full of feisty feminism and tells it like it is! It should be compulsory that every teenage girl be supplied with their own copy as it shows how they can combat everyday sexism. Although full of hilarious moments, the book has some heart-breaking moments too. It’s rallying cry and ultimate goal to unite women together and fight for equality is clear throughout and it the impact it has made on me is incredible.

I, like many, believed the world we live in is much better for women than it used it be and I was satisfied with that. However, after reading this book it is clear that the attitudes in this world still aren’t where they should be. Women are a far cry from being equal to men in social, economic and political situations.

Girl-Up-Gif-01Be prepared to be astounded by the facts and research presented, such as by the age of 5 girls are worrying about their shape and the way they look. The media (a handful of very powerful men) bombard us with images that constantly tell us how we should look, how we should behave, how we should spend our time, and so on… ‘Girl Up’ is shouting at us to empower ourselves and rise above what the media demands.

It is hugely important that every woman reads this book and understands what it truly means to be a feminist. Before reading, if asked if I was a Feminist I would have answered ‘No, of course not. There is no need to be’ as I was so used to the everyday sexism that it had become normal to me. Now I will reply ‘Yes, most definitely!’ as I realised how many modern day sexist incidents have happened to me and are still happening to me today! The attitude of this world towards women needs to become positive and this book is a step in the right direction for making that much needed change. Please, tell everyone far and wide about this book as it is a book shelf essential for every home and school out there.




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