The Great Chocoplot

The Great ChocoplotBe prepared to have chocolate constantly on your mind for all 240 pages of this book. I demolished a share sized Galaxy bar whilst reading and I still craved more when I had finished!

The well-paced plot is driven by an ancient prophecy discovered on Easter Egg Island – chocolate is soon going to run out in the world! The heroine, Jelly, takes it upon herself to investigate the likelihood of a Chocopocalypse and has help from her lovely family, most importantly her quirky scientist gran.

We meet a truly devilish chocolatier in the character of Garibaldi Chocolati who is suspiciously blasé about the end of all chocolate. His portrayal throughout the book as a pompous nitwit makes Garibaldi a character that the reader loves to hate.

This is a fab detective novel full of appeal and some genuinely funny moments, especially from the app updates, which had me laughing out loud in the office. This book is suitable for middle grade readers (8+) and holds much appeal for both boys and girls alike. A thoroughly enjoyable, light-hearted read perfect for fans of Roald Dahl and Mr Gum.

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